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The rural district of Bourdeaux


Mayor : M. Pierre BELLE
Population : 570 - Superficy: 2310ha - Altitude: 407m
Open time town hall : Monday to thursday from 09h to 12h
Phone : - Email : en cours

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The village of Bourdeaux is situated along the Roubion. Being at the same time a partly perched locality with an important Protestant tradition, this village and most of its protagonists have been able to keep its natural surroundings and to give new life to its historical part dating back to the 12h century. It is the main village in the district and it has 570 inhabitants.


The touristic sector of the « Pays de Bourdeaux » is booming. Thus various accommodating places like campsites, furnished rooms, guesthouses and hotels are available in and around Bourdeaux. This important expansion can easily be explained by the fact that the « pays de Bordeaux » gives tourists and visitors the opportunity to have the choice among several physical activities like walking, horse riding, cycling, archery, and cultural activities as well. Moreover the climate of Bourdeaux is extremely pleasant with its long period of sunshine.


A large range of local products are to be found : goat cheese : the famous « Picodon », salted pork meat prepared in different fashions, the local charcuterie, various delicatessen, and naturally, bred cattle meat. The building activity is very important too with many contractors and artisans : electricians, plumbers, house painters etc. Finally, it is also the ideal place for a few artists to practice and exhibit their talent, therefore you can find also there : painters, sculptors, photographs and ceramists...


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