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The rural district of Bouvières


Major : Mme. Sylviane RASPAIL
Population : 160 - Superficie: 2505ha - Altitude: 612m
Open time town hall : monday 14h to 16h wednesday 9 to 12h Phone : - Email : en cours

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It is the southernest village in the district and also the most mountainous. Mount Angèle among others, overlooks the landscape being 1606 m high, and attracts many hikers who can also find an important choice of walking or horse riding tours around. Of course, one cannot speak of Bouvières without mentioning the mountain of Couspeau, in the East and the « Plateau de Vesc » in the West that leads on the mountain of Miélandre (1400 m). The Roubion that springs up just above the village can either be calm and peaceful or become an impetuous torrent.


Covering the superficy of 2 599 ha with an average of 612 m height above sea level, the small locality has 160 inhabitants. The Elders find pleasure talking about this land of peasants that still counts nowadays two active goat breeders (goatherd bergers) in the "Ferme du Faucon", and in the "Ferme Pascal Magnant". Bouvières is also known for its pork meat "charcuterie" its delicatessen, and prepared local products "Olivier Paturel", and its duck breeding for duck liver (the famous Foie Gras) in the Ferme du Bas Morans. For your accommodation, you will find a local campsite and a few guesthouses.


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