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The rural district of Les Tonils


Major : Mme Claudette MONIN
Population : 21 - Superficie: 1300ha - Altitude: 540m
Open time town hall : monday 10h to 12h, Thursday 14h30 to 16hPhone : - Email : en cours

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It is the smallest village in the Pays de Bourdeaux for it only counts 20 inhabitants. Located along a winding little road at 500 m high, it is quite amazing by its situation itself. Well settled at the foot of Mount Couspeau, this little village with no telephone poles or electric wires showing, reflects a nice and simple way of living. It is said that the "Picodon" (the famous goat cheese that benefits the AOC controlled appellation) would originate from this very place.


The restored temple, the few family cemeteries here and there testify of a very active past life. Being at the same time a starting point for the moving to new pastures (for the sheep), and an important place for the picking of wild lavender, this village like numerous other localities in this part of the country, makes up a large area of discovery and adventure for hikers.


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