Leisure and tourism in the country of Bourdeaux




Craftsmen and Exhibitions

Numerous craftsmen are settled in the Bourdeaux Country. All long year or in season, you will discover their creation, visiting their workroom or their exhibitions...

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Discovery at the farm

The local products are numerous and various. You can visit the producers and buy their products directly from the farm...

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Horse riding and donkey-trekking

Riding a horse, or confortably sat in a carriage, or trekking with a donkey, as many opportunities for you to discover this wonderful country where the sun likes to illuminate the lands of middle mountain...

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Paragliding with « Tip top bleu ciel »

To be initiated, or to improve your technic, the team of Tip top bleu ciel is at your disposal from May to October to share their enthusiasm and their love for paragliding over wonderful landcapes...

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Fishing and Rivers

In this middle mountain country, with many rivers, fishing is natural. Moreover, during Summer, local people and tourists share the pleasure of bathing in natural sites of running water.

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Hiking and mountainbiking

Paradise for the lovers of nature and hiking, the mountains of Couspeau, Angèle, Miélandre. offer a lot of opportunities to discover medieval ruins, and observe the fauna and flora which are especially rich...

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Places of interest and Old Buildings

If you want, you will discover the medieval and protestant history, visiting castles, chapels and churches.

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The « Saut de la Reine » association organises competitions and lets you practise archery if you feel like to.

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Festivities and demonstrations

The Bourdeaux country is very active. Many festivals take place each year. A lot of local associations are involved in the life of the country and contribute to its dynamism.

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Markets and local feasts

Street markets take place all long year. Moreover, each of the 9 villages of the Bourdeaux country organises a local feast during the summer. It is good opportunity to share the traditional friendship which joins local people and tourists...

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Swiming-pool and Tennis

In the Bourdeaux village itself, an outdoor swimming-pool is opened during the summer, and nearby tennis courts are opened all long year...

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